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In the term iOS, the "i" stands for Internet and the "OS" stand for Operating System.

Basic Explanation of iOS

Most information online is very technical. The goal of this website is to explain what iOS is in "layman's terms" and ultimately define for the layperson the meaning of iOS. In order to really know iOS one must first understand what it is. The basic answer to the question "What is iOS?" is simply this... iOS is what makes Apple’s mobile devices or, "iDevices", turn on and run all the stuff you want to do with it. Its the basic "operating system" that operates any given iDevice. Apple’s portable devices like iPhone, iPad or iPod are know as iDevices. iOS does things on these devices such as allow you to set the brightness of the screen if you can’t see it on a bright sunny day, it also secures your iDevice, if you enter a pass code the system will automatically lock the screen after a certain amount of minutes you tell it to and lets you connect to your WiFi network at home so you can go online with your iDevice. So how do you do these simple tasks? Most of the "settings" you want to customize and use are all contained in the "Settings" button, or "App" as they are also called. The iDevice operating system (iOS) has the features and runs all the apps you want to use. Each time Apple adds features to iOS they call it a "software update" and usually include a version number. Apple’s iOS is currently the main software that runs on all models of the iPhone, iPod Touch, iPad and iPad Mini mobile devices and now the all new Apple Watch. Hopefully, this basic explanation has helped you to understand what iOS is and how it relates to any Apple devices you may own or are looking to purchase.

If you would like to find answers to other questions you may have about how to use your iPhone, iPad, iPod or the Apple Watch, check out our iOS forum at iOSforums.org. You can find out how to use iOS and how to use iPhone, iPad or iPod.

History of iOS

The term "iOS" was originally know as "iPhone OS" and was introduced in 2007 along with the first iPhone hardware device Apple released. It was the term used to describe the software that would operate the iPhone and is derived from the term "OS X", which is how Apple describes its "operating system" for its Macintosh computers. The "X" stands for 10 which is the newest version of the computer software Apple created to operate the desktop and laptop computers they design. The "iOS" platform is a mobile-device-based software system that works like a computer system, but on mobile devices like portable phones. It is designed to be smaller, faster and use less power. It also has a "touch" friendly user interface so it works better when a finger is used to interface with the system instead of a mouse or stylus that has been used in the past to interact with operating systems. The iPhone has run on iOS since its release in 2007.

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